Energy Management Tools

Commercial Lighting Products believes in reducing energy consumption and supporting sustainability initiatives. As part of our commitment, we offer many lighting solutions to help you reduce your energy consumption which in turn lowers your overhead costs for lighting and even air conditioning by reducing the amount of heat that is output by your lighting.

In British Columbia, BC Hydro offers a comprehensive Product Incentive Program. This program will not only save you money immediately on your energy costs, but it will also pay you cash for upgrading to energy efficient lighting and result in a noticeable decrease in your long term operating costs. Buildings often have a large number of lights that are on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week such as in hallways, parkades and exit signs. Upgrading from incandescent bulbs to energy efficient lighting will increase your energy savings. Using compact fluorescent bulbs and LEDs, which last longer than conventional technologies will also reduce your replacement and maintenance costs.

Some of the typical benefits you will receive from BC Hydro are:

If you replace 100 T12 fixtures with energy saving T8 lamps and ballasts you will save up to:

Save $1183.00 per year in energy costs AND receive a Hydro Rebate of $2500.00!

If you replace 100 incandescent exit signs with LED exit signs you will save up to:

Save $1240.00 per year in energy costs AND receive a Hydro Rebate of $3500.00!

Even if there is not an incentive program available in your province, substantial cost savings can be achieved with a relatively short payback period just by upgrading your lighting. We would welcome the opportunity to do an analysis of your existing lighting systems to assess your lighting needs and suggest energy efficient upgrades to optimize your hydro rebate (if applicable) and energy savings.