Energy Management Calculators

Cost of Waiting Estimator

Compare the cost of electricity for your current and proposed lighting systems, and estimate the cost of waiting to upgrade to the new system.

Simple Energy Estimator

Calculate the energy savings you’ll gain by relamping your lighting system. Also find out how long it will take to recoup your full investment for the new system.

Simple Life-Cycle Cost Estimator

Compare the life-cycle costs for two different lamps.

Watts Per Square Foot Estimator

Compare the watts per square foot for two different lighting systems.

Lighting Layout Estimator

Estimate the number of fixtures needed to light an area to a specified light level.

Fixture Replacement Estimator

Replacing your current lamps? Use this calculator to estimate the number of fixtures you’ll need with replacement lamps. Also compare the difference in the amount of light between your current lamp and replacement lamp.

Dimming System Watts Estimator

Can a dimming system help you save on energy costs? Use this calculator to estimate the wattage, energy reduction and cost savings generated by using a dimming system.