Lithonia IBH I-BEAM® LED High Bay

Lithonia IBH LED High Bay

Lithonia IBH I-BEAM® LED High Bay Overview

The IBH I-BEAM® LED luminaire gives budget-conscious customers a reliable LED high bay solution. In addition to its low initial cost, the fixture cost less to operate than conventional lighting systems, saving up to 60% in energy costs over HID fixtures. With an expected life of 100,000 hours, the IBH also provides remarkable maintenance savings. Pairing the IBH with occupancy sensors, dimming, and intuitive controls saves even more energy and extends the life of the fixture. The IBH is ideal in controlled environments such as warehouses, gymnasiums, light industrial spaces, and other large indoor spaces with mounting heights ranging from 10′ to 40′.



  • Lumen packages range from 9,000 to 36,000 lumens; replaces up to 750W HID or 10-lamp T5HO.
  • Reflectors feature precision-formed optics utilizing reflective Alanod® MIRO-5® aluminum to achieve narrow distribution and white polyester powder coat to achieve wide distribution.
  • Medium and narrow distribution meets both horizontal and vertical light level requirements.
  • Optional semi-diffuse lens provide glare control and LED protection.
  • Also available without lens for greater delivered lumens.
  • Thermally protected driver standard with 0-10V dimming.
  • Lightweight aluminum heat sink designed to perform at warm ambient temperatures.
  • Less thermal lumen drop than fluorescent.
  • Fabricated steel channel provides maximum rigidity.
  • Lightweight fixtures (10-20 lbs.) make installation easy.
  • Suitable for suspension by chain, cable, surface-mounting bracket, hook monopoint, or single (pendant) monopoint.
  • Minimum plenum height of 18″ required to maintain ambient listing.
  • Emergency battery backup option available; delivers >2000 lumens.
  • Optional XPoint™ Wireless controls technology creates a mesh network that communicates between fixtures, sensors, and wall stations facility-wide.



  • Advance LED technology provides energy savings compared to fluorescent or HID fixtures, saving up to 60% in energy costs over HID high bays.
  • LEDs maintain 70% of their lumen output at 100,000 hours, providing years of maintenance-free lighting.
  • Optional XPoint™ Wireless controls provide superior lighting management capabilities, including granular control that can light zones differently depending on the time of day, season, and special event.
  • Integrated Acuity control (XPoint™; XPoint Wireless and nLight®) and sensor options (occupancy, photo and dimming) extend fixture life and further reduce energy costs.



  • Color Temperature: 3000, 3500, 4000, or 5000K
  • CRI: 70/80/90
  • Output: 9,000-36,000 lumens
  • Input Watts: 76-352W
  • Lumen Maintenance: 70L/100,000Hrs
  • Electrical:
    • Osram driver, 0-10V dimming
    • MVOLT 120-277V and HVOLT 37-480V inputs available
    • Surge protection standard on HVOLT, optional on MVOLT
  • Dimensions: 4-3/8” D; 15-1/4” W; 22” or 44” L
  • Weight: 10 lbs/20 lbs
  • Finishes: Gloss white, matte black
  • Ratings:
    • CSA Certified to U.S. and Canadian standards
    • Listed for damp locations
    • Rated for ambient operating temperatures from -40°C to +40°C
    • Some configurations are DLC Premium or DLC Standard qualified products
  • Warranty: Five year limited warranty