Think Induction Low Bay


Think Induction Low Bay Overview






An induction lamp is an electrodeless fluorescent. Without electrodes, the lamp relies on the fundamental principles of electromagnetic induction and gas discharge to create light. This results in a lamp of unmatched life. Lasting 100,000 hours, this system can outlast 100 incandescent, five HID, or five typical fluorescent lamp changes.

Available in a variety of options from 70 – 200W!

Key Features

  • Die cast aluminum ballast casing with powder coated finish for corrosion-resistance.
  • High purity aluminum reflector with vacuum coated inner surface.
  • Acrylic lens.

Lamp and Ballast

  • THINK 70W – 200W round tubular induction lamp features high lighting efficacy, long lifetime, good colour rendering, stable output, etc.
  • THINK electronic ballast features high power (>0.95), flickering free, low cost, constant output, etc.


  • Stadiums, workshops, warehouses, airports, railway stations, gas stations, amusement parks, exhibition halls, supermarkets, etc.