Signa LED Chain Series

led strip

Signa LED Chain Series Overview

Signa LED Channel Letter Systems deliver exactly what sign builders are asking for: high lumens, consistent color and a superior module fastening system. As you would expect from Signa, it also offers superior reliability and strong technical support.

The Signa LED driver family offers 12 and 24 Volt Class 2 output models designed for long life. The standard 12 and 24 Volt drivers are listed for dry and damp locations. The Q-can
version is also listed for wet locations and allows for direct wiring connections without the need for an additional enclosure.

Signa LED modules incorporate the latest in LED technology using extremely efficient
LEDs that provide high lumens per Watt. This means high lumens per foot but low Watts per foot allowing for a maximum number of feet per single 60W power supply. Signa’s circuitry design controls the current through each LED to ensure optimal performance while keeping down the LED temperature providing up to 50,000 hours of life.

The mounting system includes an adhesive tape along with a side tab hole for fasteners.
In tight letter applications the side tab hole can be easily removed. Signa LED modules
are designed to withstand the most challenging conditions. The wires run continuously
through the LED Chain, IDC connectors are used to make the electrical connections to
the circuit board. A weather resistant coating is applied to the circuit board preventing
moisture, or particles from damaging the components.


  • 80 and 100 lumens per foot options
  • High efficiency for maximum footage loading on power supply
  • Tightest binning available for consistent color and brightness
  • Superior Fastening System using 3M VHB Tape
  • Long Life – up to 50,000 hours
  • Simple Connections
  • Low power consumption
  • 6500K and 3500K color temperature options