Lutron Vive Wireless System

Lutron Vive Wireless Hub

Lutron Vive Wireless System Overview

Introducing Vive, a revolutionary wireless lighting control solution for new and existing commercial buildings. Vive is a modular, scalable system that allows you to monitor and control the lighting in one room, a single floor, or an entire building. Lutron’s Clear Connect technology operates on an uncongested frequency band to avoid interference and provide ultra-reliable system communication and performance.

Whether you are responsible for design, installation, or maintenance, Vive gives you the right solution now and for years to come. With a full suite of products that meets any building performance and budget need, Vive solutions make your job easier and more profitable.


Lutron Vive Wireless System













  • Flexible, modular system allows you to install custom controls for each space – more control where you need it and less where you don’t.
  • Vive components include:
    • Vive Wireless Hub
    • In-wall Control
    • Wireless Load Controller
    • Wireless Sensor
    • Wireless Remote Control
    • High Performance Fixtures with integrated wireless fixture control
  • Application Guides make it easy to select the right products to meet your jurisdiction’s energy codes.
  • The Designer+ for Vive software tool allows you to create a custom design plan with visual “drag and drop” layout and connections. It also generates design documentation, including bills of materials, one-line diagrams, and sequence of operations.



  • Installs 70% faster than traditional wired controls – install a switch and sensor in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Installation is less expensive and minimizes disruption of occupants in the space.
  • Use the Vive wireless hub and Vue mobile app to wirelessly connect system controls and program system settings – no ladder required.
  • Push button setup for simple designs without the wireless hub.



  • Monitor, adjust, and manage your system from any smart device.
  • Intuitive software allows you to:
    • Adjust the lighting control to accommodate building churn, improve occupant comfort, and enhance energy-efficiency.
    • Quickly view and report energy usage information.
    • Schedule lighting control adjustments based on days of the week and time of day.
    • Set lighting reduction levels that automatically respond during peak electricity usage time.
  • Connect with other building systems using BACnet protocol.
  • Expandable wireless solution meets your current budget and performance needs while providing easy integration of new spaces and controls in the future.


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