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The prevalence of Electric Vehicle Chargers are not a matter of if, but when. Like with LED lighting, this is a major shift in an established market. There will be winners and losers, and those who adopt early with a reliable market leader like ChargePoint, will surely be winners.

David Rehimi

Account Executive - Canada West

Common Questions

Your solution to the future of driving

Fully programmable, multi-nozzle Electrical Vehicle Charging with 24/7 customer support.

The future of driving is here, are you ready?


Experienced & Reliable

With more than a decade of experience, Chargepoint has built the largest and most comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) charging network, with solutions for every type of business.

Energy Management

Tracks real-time energy measurement, generates energy reports, and utilizes "time of day" pricing, making it easy for you to manage your costs.

Customized Solutions

Our team can customize the right EV solution for your business, help you find rebates & incentives and guide you through all the logistics of installation and usage.

Start your future today with ChargePoint

More drivers are switching to Electric Vehicles each year. Commercial Lighting has access to industry leading, programmable EV chargers that exceed your needs and requirements.

Answer #1

The ChargePoint EV charging stations have a fully customizable "dashboard", allowing the facilitator to set the pricing.

Answer #2

The ChargePoint app has a station finder function that locates the nearest charging station to your location. It also tells you the availability and pricing of nearby stations.

Answer #3

Yes, our team of experts will conduct a site visit & prepare a detailed proposal based on your requirements. Then, we'll handle the EV Charger install, the electrical upgrade (if required), and help you secure any provincial rebates.

Is your building ev ready?

If you're ready to be part of the EV revolution, reach out to our team to get started.