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Common Questions

Interconnected lighting with seamless control

Wireless controls are the future of lighting: easy to install, completely customizable, and energy efficient. Connect, control, save.

Wireless controls are the height of convenience and functionality.


Easy Install

With a quick and easy install - you save money on labour costs and reduce the down time of your lighting.


With many available options such as: occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting, desk controls, and more - wireless controls are perfect for any circumstance.


Wireless controls make it easy to adjust to any floorplan or layout; it can be easily reconfigured to suit your ever-changing requirements.

Optimization and personalization

Wireless controls connect all of your lighting into one controllable system that can be personalized to fit your needs, optimize energy usage, and improve your bottom line.

Answer #1

Wireless controls can help save you money as the entire system can be optimized for your space; there are options that can reduce energy consumption like: occupancy sensors, motion detectors, and daylight harvesting.

Answer #2

Wireless controls can help to increase productivity in any situation, provide personalization in a space, and you can even adjust the colour temperature for the time of day or activity being performed.

Answer #3

No, the recent advancements in lighting control technology make it possible for everyone to utilize them. Be it an old or new space - controls are an easy addition to your lighting. There are many affordable solutions as well.

Ready to go wireless?

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