GE Electronic Metal Halide Ballasts

ultramax EHID

GE Electronic Metal Halide Ballasts Overview

GE has designed the ultra cool UltraMax eHID Ballast to save the user huge amounts of energy compared to the electromagnetic ancestors. The eHID Ballasts maximize performance and lamp life. The PDF Spec sheet below lists all models ranging from 20w-150w Electronic HID Ballasts that are available now. Higher wattage Metal halides, such as 400w, still require an electromagnetic core + coil to drive the lamp.


  • Over 90% energy efficient ballasts
  • Low watts per square foot and long lamp life provide lower cost of ownership compared to halogen
  • Industry standard mini-square can size
  • High power factor
  • Designed for track, junction box and other small fixture designs that require high efficiency energy savings, long life and maximum performance with ceramic metal halide lamps