GE UltraStart T5 Programmed Start PS Ballasts


GE UltraStart T5 Programmed Start PS Ballasts Overview

GE has developed a line of T5 ballasts that incorporate the benefits of programmed start ballasts with the energy savings, fast starting and parallel lamp operation of instant start ballasts. GE’s UltraStart® T5 ballasts use low energy loss, high efficiency components along with continuous cathode cutout (CCC) technology – resulting in 8 fewer watts than standard 4-lamp 54W T5 ballasts. GE’s UltraStart® T5 ballasts set a new industry threshold for T5 efficiency.


High-Efficiency, Energy Savings - GE UltraStart ballasts have high efficiency components and complete cathode cutout to maximize energy savings.

Lower Maintenance Costs with Parallel Lamp Operation - If one lamp fails, the other lamps remain lit. This can reduce spot relamping by 50%, or extend group relamping by up to 15%

Fast Starting Time - GE UltraStart® T5 ballasts start in less than 700 milliseconds compared with standard T5 >1.1 seconds. This is an important feature when using sensors. GE UltraStart® T5 ballasts fast starting time eliminate the traditional PS ballast delay of waiting for the lights to turn on.

Multi-Voltage Technology – Simplifies installation. Adapts automatically to any voltage from 108V to 305V

Anti-Striation Control – Reduces maintenance issues caused by striating lamps

UltraCoolTM Operation – A 90ºC case temperature rating and a high efficiency design produces less heat. GE provides the UltraCool system certification with high grade fixture systems which means a 5 year 55ºC max ambient warranty

• Bi-level Switching with 4 lamp 54W ballast

• UL Type CC Anti-Arcing Rating with End of Lamp Life Protection

Auto-Reset – Automatically resets after lamp replacement and withstands temporary losses in power typical with backup lighting systems