GE UltraStart T5HE and HO PS Ballasts

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GE UltraStart T5HE and HO PS Ballasts Overview

GE has developed a line of T5 HE AND HO ballasts that incorporate the benefits of programmed start ballasts with the energy savings, fast starting and parallel lamp operation of instant start ballasts. GE’s UltraStart T5 ballasts use low energy loss,
high efficiency components along with continuous cathode cutout (CCC) technology – resulting in 8 fewer watts than standard  4-lamp 54W T5 ballasts. GE’s UltraStart T5 ballasts set a new industry threshold for T5 efficiency

GE UltraStart®T5 programmed start ballasts use a control circuit to apply very precise cathode heat to ensure lamp cathodes have reached optimum temperature during lamp starting. Precise starting reduces the amount of cathode degradation associated with each start and increases lamp life significantly. After starting the lamps, continuous cathode
cutout technology (CCC) is applied – which eliminates wasted power to the lamps, resulting in high efficiencies


  • High Efficiency (>90%)
  • Continuous cathode cutout
  • Cuts unneeded power to lamp filaments
  • Operates at instant-start high-efficiency levels
  • Ballast consumes <10% of the total system power
  • Simplifies installation, adapting to any voltage from 108V to 305V
  • Eliminates maintenance issues caused by striating or spiraling lamps
  • High-performance starting with F54T5HO lamps in cold temperatures