Standard’s Forefront Highbay Series


Standard’s Forefront Highbay Series Overview

STANDARD is pleased to announce Lighting Science Group’s latest advancement in energy-efficient commercial site lighting, the Forefront HighBay Luminaire. Designed with a modern look and contemporary form, the Forefront HighBay can light your industrial or retail application without the obtrusive size often found with more traditional HID fixtures. Established with a modular optical design, the Forefront luminaire is available in multiple optical platforms. The family provides a lower cost per delivered lumen over the life of the installation


  • Compact size for small spaces and unobtrusive aesthetics
  • High lumen output
  • Adaptable – easily change optical distributions
  • Fits most traditional mounting options
  • Lower cost per delivered lumen
  • Low-profile modern design
  • Excellent colour rendering for enhanced visibility and safety