Standard Forefront C2D LED Series

C2D Pic

Standard Forefront C2D LED Series Overview

STANDARD is pleased to announce Lighting Science Group’s latest advancement in energy-efficient LED facility lighting, the C2D Lowbay Light. Combining superior performance and energy- efficiency with a low-profile modern design, the C2D Lowbay Light provides excellent colour rendering for enhanced visibility and safety. The C2D LowBay’s round distribution provides for uniform illumination at lower mounting heights, with a lower cost per delivered lumen over the life of the installation.


•Compact size for small spaces and unobtrusive aesthetics
•High lumen output
•Adaptable – easily change optical distributions
•Fits most traditional mounting options
•Lower cost per delivered lumen
•Low-profile modern design
•Excellent colour rendering for enhanced visibility and safety
•PixelView Control using imagery; the sensor achieves high sensitivity while eliminating false detections.
•PixelView Control allows installation personnel to easily adjust maximum brightness, dimmed brightness, as well as sensitivity and time delays using an intuitive user interface located on the side of the unit