GreenPower LED Flowering Lamp

LED GreenPower flowering

GreenPower LED Flowering Lamp Overview

Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp: the energysaving alternative for extending day length when cultivating e.g. strawberries and bedding plants or producing cuttings from chrysanthemums and kalanchoes.









Appropriate Light
Based on successful tests carried out in the field, three different lamps have been developed, each offering a specific light recipe for different plants: 100% far red (FR), a combination of deep red and white (DR/W) and a combination of deep red/white/far red (DR/W/FR). The white color in the lamp creates a pleasant working light, which also enables us to examine the plants effectively when the lamps are switched on. For optimum control, a specific spectrum of light is required for each plant type. Please contact us if you require help choosing the right type of lamp for your plants.

Higher Output
The Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp combines an optimum spectrum with a low energy consumption. In contrast with the incandescent lamp, the spectrum and light level of the lamps in this range are geared to the specific light requirements of the plant. As a result, you can save more than 80% on energy consumption compared with an incandescent lamp.


Flexibility and Convenience
Thanks to the different versions available, the GreenPower LED flowering lamp offers the best possible freedom of installation. The lamps have a standard E27 fitting and are suitable for direct replacement of the lamps in your existing installation, without the need for any modifications to the installation.