GE Evolve Roadway LED Fixture


GE Evolve Roadway LED Fixture Overview

The Evolve™ LED Medium Cobrahead luminaire combines over 100 years of street lighting experience with over a decade in designing breakthrough LED systems. This system features an advanced LED optical system that provides improved horizontal and vertical uniformity, reduced glare and improved lighting control.

The contoured cobrahead-shape housing closely resembles existing fixtures in the field, and incorporates a heat sink fin design that not only provides excellent thermal management for extended LED life, but also allows for water run-off to minimize the build-up of dirt on the exterior of the fixture.

The heat sink design and GE technology offer thermal heat management at the LED junction temperature – regardless of the temperature of the heat sink. Named Best-in-Class by the U.S. Department of Energy in the Next Generation Luminaires™ Design Competition, the Evolve LED Medium Cobrahead can yield up to a 50-percent reduction in system energy compared with standard HID systems, depending on roadway applications.

Additionally, this reliable system offers more than 11 years of service life to significantly reduce maintenance frequency and expense, based on a 50,000 hour life and 12 hours of operation per day.



  • System that offers an advanced LED optical system providing high uniformity, glare control, improved vertical light distribution, and reduced light trespass for effective Roadway Lighting.


  • Die cast aluminum housing.
  • Aesthetically inspired by a traditional roadway (Cobrahead) fixture, it incorporates a heat sink directly into the unit ensuring maximum heat transfer, long LED life and a reduced Effective Projected Area (EPA).
  • Meets 2G vibration standards per ANSI C136.32-2001. For 3G rating contact factory.
  • Power door assembly with retention latch.

LED & Optical Assembly 

  • Structured LED array for optimized roadway photometric distribution.
  • Evolve light engine consisting of nested concentric directional reflectors designed to optimize application efficiency and minimize glare.
  • Utilizes high brightness LEDs, 70 CRI at 4300K, 6000K & 6500K typical.
  • LM-79 tests and reports are performed in accordance with IESNA standards.

Lumen Maintenance 

  • System rating is 50,000 hours at L80 for >100 watts and 50,000 hours at L85 for <100 watts.
  • Contact factory for L rating (Lumen Depreciation) beyond 50,000 hours.


  • UL/cUL listed, suitable for wet locations.
  • IP 65 rated optical enclosure per ANSI C136.25-2009.
  • Temperature rated at -40° to 50°C .
  • RoHS compliant, contains no lead or mercury.


  • 4-Bolt Slipfitter with + /-5 degrees of adjustment for leveling.
  • Cast end pipe stop.
  • Wildlife intrusion protection at mounting arm.
  • Adjustable for 1.25 in. or 2 in. pipe.


  • Corrosion resistant polyester powder painted, minimum 2.0 mil. thickness.
  • Standard colors: Black and Gray.
  • RAL & custom colors available.


  • 120-277 volt and 347-480 volt available.
  • System power factor is >90% and THD <20%.
  • Class “A” sound rating.
  • Integral surge protection non-dimming:
    • For 120-277VAC per IEEE/ANSI C62.41.-1991, 4kV/2kA Location Category B2 (120 Events)
    • For 347-480VAC per IEEE/ANSI C62.41.-1991, 6kV/3kA Location Category B3 (120 Events)
  • Integral surge protection GE dimming:
    • For 120-480VAC per IEEE/ANSI C62.41.2-2002, 6kV/3kA Location Category B (120 Events)
  • Optional high capability surge protection per IEEE/ANSI C62.41.2-2002.
    • Rating 1 – 10kV/5kA Location Category (120 events)
    • Rating 2 – 6kV/3kA Location Category C-Low (5000 events)
  • EMI:  Title 47 CFR Part 15 Class A
  • Photo electric sensors (PE) available for all voltages.


  • 5-year limited system warranty standard.