Mission LED Evolucia Shoebox Series


Mission LED Evolucia Shoebox Series Overview

The Evolucia ESB Shoebox Area Light delivers consistent color, aimed optics and optimal performance that provide a bright white light and the lowest energy consumption. An ideal lighting solution for retail locations, parking lots, office parks and schools and universities.


  • Saves up to 65% of energy usage.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Use of patented “Aimed Optics”TM provides 20% more light on the road compared to other LED fixtures.
  • Cutting-edge “heat sink” technology keeps the LEDs at their optimum performance temperature and extends product life.
  • Light uniformity increases visibility in parking lots and on roadways
  • Full cutoff/Dark Sky-compliant; no light trespass
  • ARRA-Compliant