Philips Stonco LytePro Wall Sconce


Philips Stonco LytePro Wall Sconce Overview

LytePro Sconce luminaires are part of the LytePro Series that includes the LytePro Plus area fixture. The LytePro7, LytePro16 and LytePro32 wall units are available in illumination packages of 618 – 5,800 lumens and a long life cycle of 60,000 hours. The LytePro7 is ideally suited for egress areas like entrances and pathways while the larger LytePro16 is best on walls for perimeter and security lighting. LytePro32 is the largest of the sconces, providing illumination at mounting heights of 14′ and taller’.  Featured here is the LytePro16.



  • Provides safety and security in residential and light commercial applications in location such as entrances, over garages, Illuminate house numbers, wall signs and located along perimeters and pathways. 
  • Sixteen high-output LEDS have an average rated life of 60,000 hours.
  • 4000K neutral colour temperature delivers light with minimal waste.
  • Requires only 40 system watts for environmently-friendly operation. 
  • Corrosion resistant Duraplex II polyester powder coated finish available in white and titanium.
  • Type III distribution with shielded optics collects and redirect light to optimize performance.
  • Efficacy (L/W) 62.5
  • ETL tested suitable for wet location