GE Dimmable Screw-In CFLs

dimmable r30

GE Dimmable Screw-In CFLs Overview

GE’s new and improved dimming CFL lamps brings compact fluorescent closer to the performance of incandescent and halogen products. Screw in a GE Self-Ballasted Compact Fluorescent Lamp and forget about it. Years later, it will still be producing even, flicker-free, high-quality light, while steadily keeping operating costs low


  • Low mercury content (Only 1mg Mercury per lamp)
  • Long Life (8000-10000 Hour life on dimmables)
  • Dimming down to 5% light levels
  • Available in different shapes and sizes (R30/R40/PAR38 and spirals)
  • Excellent color rendering (CRI – Up to 82)