Philips MR16


Philips MR16 Overview

Philips Halogen MR16 lamps provide a bright white light for accent lighting. They make it easy to optimize the look and feel of your brand, your merchandise, and the shoppers experience, with lower operating costs. Ideal for accent lighting in specialty and department stores, as well as museums and art galleries


  • Optimized Coil, Burner and Reflector Design.
  • White, Bright Light with excellent beam quality.
  • UV Block -Reduces color fading.
  • GU5.3 base.
  • 3000 Hour Rated Average Life*
  • Variety of Wattages and Beam Spreads.
  • Universal Burning Position.
  • Available in 20, 35, and 50 watts Spot and Flood, 50 watt also available in Narrow Flood.