Nemalux – XCAN Floodlight


Nemalux – XCAN Floodlight Overview

The XCANLEDDC LED flood light is a durable and robust fixture with a projected lifespan of 100,000 hours, and is approved for hazardous locations. It is designed for high brightness ambient lighting applications and can also be used to create a variety of lighting effects. In some situations this LED solution can replace High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or High Intensity Discharge (HID) technology.

Key Features

  • Available with 30º(narrow) or 100º(wide) symmetric optics.
  • Hazardous location approved.
  • Thermal management for longevity.
  • Robust construction suitable for outdoor or other applications.
  • Operational and environmental benefits of LED technology.
  • 12~24 VDC input.
  • CLASS 1 DIVISION 2 Available.