Philips Pulse Start Metal Halides


Philips Pulse Start Metal Halides Overview

Philips Pulse Start Metal Halide Lamps offer an optimized metal halide system for greater efficiency and lumen maintenance. Ideal for industrial and retail high/low bays and parking lots.


• Up to 25% increase in maintained light output over standard metal
• Increased efficacy (up to 120 lpw) equals low total cost of
• Up to 50% faster warm-up and restrike time.
• Up to 50% increase in life when compared to switch start metal
halide (for 175W and 250W versions).
• ED-37 base available in 350 and 400 watts base up and horizontal
operations as well as COATED / BT-37 available in 750 and 1000
watt base up operation and 750 watt horizontal operation / ED-28
available in 175, 200, 250, 320, and 400 watts base up or horizontal
operations. 175 and 320 watts of the ED-28 base are also available in