Lunera HID LED 360

Lunera HID LED 360 Overview

The Lunera HID LED 360 Lamp is a replacement for Metal Halide (MH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS), and LED corncob lamps with a Mogul (E39) or Medium (E26) base. The beautiful design of the Lunera HID LED 360 makes it an ideal replacement for lamps with wattages up to 400W in fixtures such as architectural or historic post tops.















  • Directly replaces 70W-400W Metal Halides and High Pressure Sodium Lamps with a Mogul (E39) and a Medium (E26) base.
  • Ballast and Line driven installation lamps available
  • Thermal IQ to support ambient temperatures up to 150 degrees F
  • Works in enclosed fixtures
  • Delivers up to 8,000 lumens of usable light