Standard LED Tape Light

tape light

Standard LED Tape Light Overview

STANDARD’s low voltage tape light offers designers and architects a sleek new way to decorate spaces. Its thin PCB board and 5050 LED chips ensure crisp, vibrant light. 3M adhesive tape ensures easy mounting on many surfaces


  • Can be cut to size at marked intervals (every 10 cm)
  • Quick connectors allow you to rejoin various lengths and work around corners
  • 3M adhesive backing for solid, easy installation
  • Colour changing RGB tape lights offers an array of designs and patterns
  • 5050 SMD LEDs spaced every 3.2 cm (1 ¼ in.)
  • The crisp, vibrant light minimizes heat output and UV emissions
  • A silicon cover allows for exposure to damp locations without lumen loss or yellowing over time
  • Quick, easy installation – plug and play no wiring needed