Lutron Maestro® Sensors

Lutron Maestro Sensor

Lutron Maestro® Sensors Overview

Lutron quality and performance is now available in a Maestro® occupancy sensor. Occupancy sensors can deliver 20-60% energy savings when installed with commercial lighting systems. Lutron’s XCT™ technology with cross-correlation recognizes the difference between fine human motion and background noise, providing superior sensitivity and preventing false-ons and false-offs. There is a Maestro® sensor model for any application and all lighting loads, including a 0-10V dimmer sensor for fluorescent and LED fixtures.


Lutron Maestro Dimmer Sensor Application


Features and Benefits

  • Durable design has a tamper-resistant lens and a modern, clean aesthetic.
  • Available in 7 gloss and 20 satin colors.
  • Extended relay lifetime – 250,000 on/off switch cycles.
  • Models include:
    • Single- and dual-circuit switches; neutral and no neutral required options
    • Passive infrared (PIR) and dual-technology sensing
    • 0-10 V dimmer for 0-10 V fluorescent and LED fixtures
    • C•L dimmer for dimmable LEDs and CFLs
  • XCT™ technology provides detection for very fine motion (e.g. typing on a keyboard) and performs 2-3X better than most sensors.
  • Simplified wiring with no polarity for line- or load-side wiring – works on any voltage (120-277V) and any phase (A, B, C).
  • A simple button-press changes settings for:
    • Timeout
    • Sensitivity
    • Occupancy/Vacancy modes
    • Ambient light detection – learnable/fixed modes



  • Sensing technology: PIR or dual (PIR and ultrasound)
  • Coverage: 400 ft2 (minor motion) and 900 ft2 (major motion)
  • Timeout: 1, 5, 15, or 30 minutes
  • Voltage: 120-277V
  • Switch type: Single pole, 3-way, and multi-location options