Our Roots

Over 42 years ago, our entrepreneurial founders began selling Incandescent lighting out of their garage in Calgary. From our humble roots we have grown to become Western Canada's largest lighting distribution company, with over 5 locations across Canada.

The inspiration around this business at first was quite simple: wholesale lighting distribution. However, as lighting and technology has progressed over time, we’ve realized that property owners, managers and tenants face considerable challenges in order to understand & deploy the correct technology for the budget and application. The capital investment demanded expertise; expertise we have in spades. However, this was just the beginning.

So over the last 42 years we grew and evolved into something more.

Our Expertise

Since lighting typically comprises about 30% of annual energy expenditure in a commercial building, we knew that we needed to help businesses implement the necessary changes to take advantage of emergent technology. We needed to lead a discussion of energy management & how to make sense of the business case while achieving sufficient light levels.

Highly Specialized

Instead of just being a lighting distributor, we are your energy consultant. We make sense of the myriad of choices with a strong understanding of the market and its never-ending evolution.

Customer Focused

As a 2nd generation 100% Canadian owned business, we made a conscious choice to double down on our value proposition. We challenge ourselves to exceed our customers’ expectations, and we aim to get better every day.

Solutions Oriented

We want to help you find the best solution to help you save on energy expenditure while leveraging any local rebate programs. This can include anything from lighting, controls, EV charging, horticulture, or any custom solution.

Our team specializes in keenly understanding your business first, then pairing a system that fits. Whether you're a business owner, property manager, electrical contractor, developer, or operations manager, our team can find the right solution for you.

Our value proposition is simple:

We match the correct technology for the application that suits your sustainability and ROI goals.

Our Team

At Commercial Lighting we believe in the power of people and the magic of a good laugh. Our team isn't your average bunch of nine-to-fivers; they're the secret sauce that makes our company tick. We believe in fostering an environment where everyone's unique talents shine bright and their hard work and quirks are celebrated.

But don't let the laughter fool you; when it comes to getting things done, our team is as sharp as a tack. From sales and marketing to accounting and administration, we've got a great bunch of diverse and talented folks.

Management Team

At the heart of our organization lies a strong and visionary management team, comprised of individuals who bring unique perspectives and a shared commitment to our company's mission. Committed to transparency and open communication, we lead by example and empower our team to achieve their full potential and deliver outstanding customer service.

Dan Robinson
Dustin Paul
Tayhler Paul

Other Departments

To reach our sales, marketing or accounting departments, please send us an email.

Customer Feedback

Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. Whether you had a positive experience or encountered challenges, we want to hear about it! Your insights help us enhance our services and ensure that we continue to meet and exceed your expectations.

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