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Benefits of LED Lighting

While there are many benefits, these are our top four:

Long Lifespan

Compared to traditional lighting, the lifespan of LED's is far superior and can last on average 50,000+ hours, or anywhere from 6 - 12 years before you need to replace them. (which is approx. 40 times longer than Incandescent bulbs!)

Energy Efficiency

LED light bulbs use around 75-85% less electricity than incandescent bulbs, and approx. 50% less than fluorescent tubes.

LED's provide higher lumens per watt and produce more light at lower wattage levels, making them much more efficient and power-wise than filament light.

Improved Safety

Approximately 80-90% of the total energy used to power traditional bulbs (like incandescent) is converted directly into heat.

LEDs emit almost no forward heat and don't produce any UV rays, and because they consume less power, they can operate effectively on low voltage systems which are generally much safer.

Rebates & Incentives Available

By switching to energy-efficient lighting, you will more than likely qualify for rebates and incentives to help you save on your initial investment. These programs are constantly changing & vary by province, but our team can help you easily navigate them & assist with applications!

Why LED lighting is key for your hotel

The benefits of LED speak for themselves: lower operating costs, dimmable, and endless possibilities with wireless controls - without compromising aesthetics.

Cost Effective

We have many options for energy efficient solutions, and customized control systems can help you save money and time.

Guest Experience

Increase your guests comfort and confidence in your hotel by creating the perfect ambiance with your lighting colour, fixture design, and controls.

Easy Maintenance

With many fixtures available that will keep your maintenance costs low and sustain a long life expectancy; you can focus on your guests.

We can help by building you the best possible ROI.

Common Questions

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What are the benefits and advantages of LED lighting?

LED lighting has many benefits and advantages including: lower energy rates, durability and performance, long life, low maintanence, no UV emissions, no flicker, and no hum.

Does wireless control technology currently exist for hotels?

Yes, there are currently several platforms that are specifically designed for the hotel industry. These control systems can adapt, optimize, and monitor the lighting environment in your hotel.

Do you offer customizable LED fixture solutions for unique needs and aesthetics?

Absolutely, with our extensive manufacturer linecard we can offer just about any fixture to suit your needs. Some manufacturers will even work with us to fully design and custom build or retrofit you a fixture to your specifications!

Featured Products

Acuity Arc 1 & 2 LED Wall Mount

Visually comfortable illumination and architectural styling to create an affordable lighting upgrade

Dals LEDWALL-A Round Cylinder Wall Sconce

Round cylinder with multiple lighting options | 29W | 3000K

Hinkley The Archer Family

Versatile contemporary fixture with a mid-century twist

Kuzco Twist Pendant | 26W & 61W | 3000K

Extruded and rolled rectangular aluminum loop

Matteo Reign Pendant

Reign is designed with cylinders with an added detailed glass shade, paired with striking LED

Dals 5006-CC Colour Temperature Changing 6" Round Panel Light

Switch-selectable CCT from 2700K - 5000K

Stanpro CDU Downlight

Perfect for both new construction and for replacing existing CFL, HID and incandescent fixtures | 6W - 35W

Hinkley Amabelle Family

Glam meets tradition in the unique Amabelle

Kuzco Alberni Vanity

Electroplated orthogonal steel structure and details


No items found.

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