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Our expertise has put us on the map with developers who appreciate a supplier that is organized and willing to solve problems quickly and creatively. I enjoy collaborating seamlessly with estimators and project managers who have the most challenging job in the industry.

Jason Tam BBA, LC

Lighting Design Specialist
Commercial Lighting

Common Questions

Need a lighting partner for your project?

We offer extensive and specialized knowledge in many residential applications such as: single family, mixed use, and strata.

Developing partnerships every day.


Value Engineering

Our in-house design team can identify equivalent products at a more affordable price - putting money in your pocket!


We will work according to your project schedule to ensure timely deliveries, and find creative solutions to any difficulties that may arise.

Design-build Expertise

Need a new space illuminated? We have the knowledge and tools to design the lighting as you build the space.

We've been in the business for over 40 years

Because of our long history in the industry; we have an extensive linecard available - as well as the ability to identify the right product to save you cost on materials.

Answer #1

Yes, we are able to get most major residential lighting manufacturers products or we can even get products customized for you!

Answer #2

Absolutely, we are able to store products for our customers in our warehouse until they are ready to install them.

Answer #3

Yes we can! Commercial Lighting has a specific LED Conversion/retrofit program in place called "KeyOne". It is a zero-down, turn-key program specifically tailored to each project.

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