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We offer extensive and specialized knowledge in many residential applications such as: single family, multi-family, mixed use, and strata.


Benefits of LED Lighting

While there are many benefits, these are our top four:

Long Lifespan

Compared to traditional lighting, the lifespan of LED's is far superior and can last on average 50,000+ hours, or anywhere from 6 - 12 years before you need to replace them. (which is approx. 40 times longer than Incandescent bulbs!)

Energy Efficiency

LED light bulbs use around 75-85% less electricity than incandescent bulbs, and approx. 50% less than fluorescent tubes.

LED's provide higher lumens per watt and produce more light at lower wattage levels, making them much more efficient and power-wise than filament light.

Improved Safety

Approximately 80-90% of the total energy used to power traditional bulbs (like incandescent) is converted directly into heat.

LEDs emit almost no forward heat and don't produce any UV rays, and because they consume less power, they can operate effectively on low voltage systems which are generally much safer.

Rebates & Incentives Available

By switching to energy-efficient lighting, you will more than likely qualify for rebates and incentives to help you save on your initial investment. These programs are constantly changing & vary by province, but our team can help you easily navigate them & assist with applications!

New lighting doesn't have to be complicated

We design custom solutions that optimize the impact of our product recommendations, making it easy for you to get the right lighting products to optimize your new build.

Design-build Expertise

Need a new space illuminated? We have the knowledge and tools to design the lighting as you build the space.


We will work according to your project schedule to ensure timely deliveries, and find creative solutions to any difficulties that may arise.

Value Engineering

Our in-house design team can identify equivalent products at a more affordable price - putting money back in your pocket!

Let us help you execute your vision; reach out to us to get started.

Common Questions

Your question not answered here? Please reach out anytime!

You don't have the specific product I'm looking for on your website, can you get it?

Yes, we are able to get most major residential lighting manufacturers products or we can even get products customized for you!

I need to get a large amount of products, but I don't have the space to store them. Can you help me?

Absolutely, we are able to store products for our customers in our warehouse until they are ready to install them.

I am doing an LED retrofit project, can Commercial Lighting help me with that?

Yes we can! Commercial Lighting has a specific LED Conversion/retrofit program in place called "KeyOne". It is a zero-down, turn-key program specifically tailored to each project.

Featured Products

Acuity Slimform LED Surface Mount Downlight

Sleek, ultra-low profile energy efficient LED surface mount downlights | Sizes: 5" & 7"

Dals 4005HP Recessed High Power Puck Light

Well suited for under-cabinet lighting and a variety of other applications

Eiko Ages Light

decorative metal ring style fixture ideal for use in a variety of residential and commercial applications.

Juno SlimForm LED Round Surface Mount Downlight

An economical and aesthetically pleasing choice for a surface mounted, energy efficient downlight

Stanpro CDU Downlight

Perfect for both new construction and for replacing existing CFL, HID and incandescent fixtures | 6W - 35W

Dals LEDWALL-A Round Cylinder Wall Sconce

Round cylinder with multiple lighting options | 29W | 3000K

Stanpro WTL Wall Pack

Adjustable wall pack series is built with a modern design

Kuzco Helena PD9117 Pendant

Spun-metal shade with various interior & exterior shades

Hinkley The Archer Family

Versatile contemporary fixture with a mid-century twist

Matteo Scatola Chandelier

Hayes is intrinsically basic in design but makes a bold impact in any space

Hinkley Arti Family

Arti embodies simple elegance with its functional, streamlined design

Lutron Dimmers and Switches | 120V

Lutron offers hundreds of choices in stand-alone dimmers and switches, with multiple designs and control openings

Our expertise has put us on the map with developers who appreciate a supplier that is organized and willing to solve problems quickly and creatively. I enjoy collaborating seamlessly with estimators and project managers who have the most challenging job in the industry.

Jason Tam

Lighting Design Specialist, Commercial Lighting

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