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Office Light: The Impact

Office lighting has a wide variety of impacts. Find out how the light in your office can help or harm your businesses success.


Benefits of LED Lighting

While there are many benefits, these are our top four:

Long Lifespan

Compared to traditional lighting, the lifespan of LED's is far superior and can last on average 50,000+ hours, or anywhere from 6 - 12 years before you need to replace them. (which is approx. 40 times longer than Incandescent bulbs!)

Energy Efficiency

LED light bulbs use around 75-85% less electricity than incandescent bulbs, and approx. 50% less than fluorescent tubes.

LED's provide higher lumens per watt and produce more light at lower wattage levels, making them much more efficient and power-wise than filament light.

Improved Safety

Approximately 80-90% of the total energy used to power traditional bulbs (like incandescent) is converted directly into heat.

LEDs emit almost no forward heat and don't produce any UV rays, and because they consume less power, they can operate effectively on low voltage systems which are generally much safer.

Rebates & Incentives Available

By switching to energy-efficient lighting, you will more than likely qualify for rebates and incentives to help you save on your initial investment. These programs are constantly changing & vary by province, but our team can help you easily navigate them & assist with applications!

Choosing the right light

You and your employees can benefit physically and mentally from the right office lighting. It can also save you money on energy bills and improve your visitors first impression of you.

Save Money on Electricity

LED lights use up to 90% less electricity than traditional lighting fixtures. This reduction in energy consumption translates into energy savings that make a difference.

Boost Employee Productivity

The right lighting regulates a person’s hormones and circadian rhythms, which boosts work productivity and efficiency. It can also help regulate sleep and improve mood.

Improve Visitor Experience

From a comforting ambiance to accentuating architectural features, lighting enhances an office’s perception and function not only for its staff but also for its visitors.

Common Questions

Your question not answered here? Please reach out anytime!

A lot of people find LED lighting to have glare, is there a comforting solution?

Yes, we offer lighting solutions in a range of colour temperatures for various comfort levels, as well as fixtures with frosted lens for a soft, diffused light. We realize that students require flexibility - we aim to provide that necessity.

Are you able to do larger retrofit projects?

Absolutely, no project is too big or too small for our team to take on. Whether you're looking to retrofit a warehouse, parking lot, hotel, office space, or residential property, we'll work with you to find the right solution within your project budget.

Can you help me find LED equivalent products?

Absolutely - If you are using traditional lighting and are looking to find an equivalent LED replacement, we'll make recommendations based on your requirements & project budget. One less thing for you to worry about!

Featured Products


High performance, light-weight luminaires suitable for lay-in, surface or pendant mounting

Philips FluxPanel LED | 32W, 38W | 4000K | 120-277V

Highly versatile fixture designed to provide smooth lighting gradient on the lens surface | 32W & 38W

Acuity AL Series 2ALL

Combines clean, fine lines with a unique design that compliments any space | 18W- 68W

Acuity BLT Low Profile LED | 30W - 38W | 2x2 2x4 | 120-277V, 347V

High efficacy LED light engines deliver energy savings and low maintenance | 30W - 38W

GE Lumination LAL Series Recessed LED

Designed to flawlessly integrate into ceiling systems or drywall ceilings | 2ft -8 ft lengths


No items found.

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