Philips HPS Agro Plus

Promote growth in horticulture applications

The Philips HPS Agro Plus double-ended lamp offers the highest growth light for horticulture. Producing 2,120 μmol/s at 1,000W and 2,400 μmol/s when boosted to 1,150W.


Benefits of LED Lighting

While there are many benefits, these are our top four:

Long Lifespan

Compared to traditional lighting, the lifespan of LED's is far superior and can last on average 50,000+ hours, or anywhere from 6 - 12 years before you need to replace them. (which is approx. 40 times longer than Incandescent bulbs!)

Energy Efficiency

LED light bulbs use around 75-85% less electricity than incandescent bulbs, and approx. 50% less than fluorescent tubes.

LED's provide higher lumens per watt and produce more light at lower wattage levels, making them much more efficient and power-wise than filament light.

Improved Safety

Approximately 80-90% of the total energy used to power traditional bulbs (like incandescent) is converted directly into heat.

LEDs emit almost no forward heat and don't produce any UV rays, and because they consume less power, they can operate effectively on low voltage systems which are generally much safer.

Rebates & Incentives Available

By switching to energy-efficient lighting, you will more than likely qualify for rebates and incentives to help you save on your initial investment. These programs are constantly changing & vary by province, but our team can help you easily navigate them & assist with applications!

High Quality, High Efficiency

The Philips HPS Agro Plus 1000W DE EL lamp connects to a special double ended socket fixture, producing higher growth light (also expressed in micromoles or μmol/s), 10,000 hours rated average life, 95% lumen maintenance, and allows operation in intensive environments. Further, the double-ended position harnesses light output, facilitating optimal reflector designs

Proven Experience

As the most experienced brand in HPS DE since 2005, Philips understands professional horticulture needs and offer the best greenhouse grow lights to get the job done.

Lighting Experts

Horticulture by Commercial Lighting is the highest volume supplier of this product. Whether you need 10 or 1000, we can get you the quantity you need.

Made for Large Facilities

Ideal for large production facilities requiring high efficiency, long lasting HPS fixtures for large-scale horticulture production.

Promote bigger and better crops with Philips HPS Agro Plus

Common Questions

Product Details

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Looking for more technical info?

Increase plant growth up to 10% vs competitive double-ended lamps

Plants such as fruits, vegetables and flowers require high light levels for optimum growth. The rate of photosynthesis is determined by the amount of photons between 400-700nm, called Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF). Higher PPF per Watt means more efficient plant growth, expressed as micromoles per second (µmol/s), or simply growth light. As studies show a direct correlation between µmol/s output and plant growth, the HPS Agro Plus DE EL produces up to 10% more µmol/s vs competitive DE lamps, and up to 45% vs single-ended (SE) lamps

Boost up to 2,400 Micromoles

Boosting, or raising the wattage beyond 1,000W, is particularly critical during the flowering and fruiting phase, which often represents up to 25% of the growth cycle. The Philips HPS Agro Plus 1000W DE EL produces the highest growth light when BOOSTED to 1,150W outputting 2,400 μmol/s, a 13% increase over standard 1,000W operation. The proprietary design features APIA (Active Philips Integrated Antenna) arc tube technology for long and reliable lifetime, while the high quality getter ensures excellent growth light maintenance and fewer premature failures. These features allow dependable performance under the most extreme conditions, such as while boosting.

Increase efficiency, coverage, and growth up to 45%

The increased μmol/s output per watt of the Philips HPS Agro Plus 1000W DE EL allows broader coverage and therefore the addition of more plants, while using the same energy vs a single-ended (SE) lamp. A typical SE 1,000W lamp can cover 16 square feet, however, this can increase to 30 square feet or more with the Philips HPS Agro Plus DE EL, allowing up to 45% greater plant coverage and growth.

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Commercial Lighting Products has partnered with Signify Canada (formerly Philips Lighting) for over 40 years. During this time, the CLP team has shown to provide superior service and customer-centric solutions to growers of all sizes. We are pleased to work with them to bring industry-leading Philips GreenPower fixtures to the horticulture market.

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OEM Key Account Manager – HID Horticulture, Signify Canada

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