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With the evergrowing technological advancements of solar panel efficiency, I'm looking forward to the potential that solar lighting will have on the lighting industry.

Sean Loban

Product Specialist
Commercial Lighting

Common Questions

Sustainable, easy to install, cost effective.

Solar lighting has many benefits: environmentally conscious, require no wiring, and save money on operating and maintenance costs.

Your solution could be solar!


Environmentally Friendly

The most sustainable lighting source currently in the market; uses a renewable resource to power the system.

Cost Effective

Say goodbye to large electricity bills, maintenance costs, and messy cables.


Perfect for a wide variety of applications such as; rural, street lights, personal use, and more!

Solar lighting is the convenient solution

Because Solar lighting requires no electrical source or cables; it can be installed anywhere. All it needs is the sun!

Answer #1

Solar offers an "off-grid" solution, requires no wiring, and has low energy costs.

Answer #2

Yes, although the photovoltic technology has improved, resulting in increased usage - weather can still impede the performance of the system.

Answer #3

While solar fixtures can have a greater upfront cost, the longterm operating and maintenance costs are significantly lower than non-solar technology.

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