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Commercial Lighting Products has partnered with Signify (Philips Lighting) for over 5 years. During this time, the team has demonstrated the technical skills necessary to help reduce the carbon footprint of new and existing horticultural operations. Their up-to-date market intelligence helps to assist entrepreneurs in the vertical farming marketplace. We are pleased to partner with them to bring state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions to the horticulture market.

Blake Lange

Business Development Manager – City Farming

Common Questions

The future of farming starts today

Vertical farming is a sustainable, productive, and efficient method that is gaining momentum and bridging the gap between urban and rural environments.

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Controlled Environment

Vertical farming applys controlled environment factors (indoors) utilizing such things as: grow lights, irrigation, growing substrates, and organic nutrients.

Locally Sourced

Vertical Farming makes it easier than ever for food to be grown in an urban setting - which supports local growers and helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Improved Crop Uniformity

Because the environment is in a controlled state; production is consistent due to the lack of negative weather effects, pests, and diseases.

You need it? We have it!

For all your vertical farming needs, Commercial Lighting is your go-to source. From lighting systems, to nutrients, to environmental controls: Commercial Lighting has it all.

Answer #1

Vertical farming is growing and producing crops in a vertical system to maximize surface area. This can be done with growing shelves or suspended structures, usually in a greenhouse or warehouse.

Answer #2

Vertical Farming is a method that maximizes the space and increases crop production. Because the environment is controlled, certain negative factors to traditional farming (weather, pests and diseases) are eliminated. Production is also year round.

Answer #3

Absolutely, we carry a wide range of products utilized in vertical farming. Nutrients, growing media, environmental controls, air handling, and lamps are just some of the key product types we carry for you to successfully run your vertical farm.

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If you have any questions regarding your Vertical Farming needs, do not hesitate to contact us!