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Commercial Lighting has great prices and very friendly staff. They have everything you need in the lighting business!

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Common Questions

We handle your entire LED Conversion

Our zero-down and worry-free LED conversion ensures you receive all of the benefits and none of the hassle - from start to finish.

Let us do the work for you; so you can focus on your business!


Transparent Auditing

We will conduct a site walkthrough, analyze your current system, and generate a comprehensive energy audit.


From the audit; we will provide you with specifications on potential energy reductions.


We will coordinate the installation on your behalf to ensure a smooth and satisfying experience for you.

We care about our customers

We have designed our signature LED conversion process to be an effortless transition for you.

Answer #1

Converting your old lighting technology to LED will generate significant energy savings; which in turn will save you money. Your conversion could even include wireless controls; which are convenient and can provide additional savings.

Answer #2

Yes, at Commercial Lighting we are dedicated to our customers. We have flexible programs in place to accommodate any, and all, of our customers. The savings from your LED conversion will pay for the project itself!

Answer #3

Not at all, we work around your schedule to ensure we are operating at your convenience. Be it after hours, or on the weekend, Commercial Lighting is there for you when you need us!

Interested in an LED Conversion?

Contact us today and speak to our friendly and knowledgable staff!