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Commercial Lighting has great prices and very friendly staff. They have everything you need in the lighting business!

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Common Questions

The right lighting makes all the difference

Classroom lighting is critical for higher test scores, attention spans, and performance. We aim to help you exceed each point and keep energy usage low.

Lighting the way for students education.


Cost Effective

We carry a wide range of energy efficient solutions, as well as control systems to make a teachers job easier, and to reduce energy wastage.


Installing new lighting in a school but don't have storage for the materials? Our facilities enable us to hold your stock until you need it - ensuring your install goes as planned.

Classroom Control

Utilize controls that allow you to change the environment to suit your needs; different colour temperatures have been shown to impact students performance and attention.

Explore the future of classroom lighting

We understand it's neccessary for schools to have lighting that is low in energy consumption, but high in visual acuity; we provide products that cover both factors.

Answer #1

LED lighting has many benefits and advantages including: lower energy rates, durability and performance, long life, low maintanence, no UV emissions, no flicker, and no hum.

Answer #2

Yes, we offer lighting solutions in a range of colour temperatures for various comfort levels, as well as fixtures with frosted lens for a soft, diffused light. We realize that students require flexibility - we aim to provide that necessity.

Answer #3

It depends on the activity or task at hand, for example: 3000K is ideal for reading, while 5000K is ideal for boosting energy. We have products that you can adjust the colour temperature at will - by the touch of a button!

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