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May 6, 2022
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Lighting Case Studies

Case Study: Jericho Tennis Club

LED Conversion for the underground parkade & exterior fencing at Jericho Tennis Club in Vancouver, BC

Case Study: Jericho Tennis Club


In August of 2020, the Management team at Jericho Tennis Club determined the need for an energy efficient lighting upgrade in the underground parking lot, which consisted of fluorescent bulbs as well as upgrading the aging HPS fixtures along the exterior fence of the main entrance driveway.

Our team prepared a few customized proposals to help address the project concerns that were expressed by management, and ultimately one of our solutions hit home and we were selected to complete the retrofit.


For the underground parkade, we replaced over 60 Fluorescent T8 lights with 20 x 8 ft LED linear strips, and 41 x 4 ft linear strips to provide a more evenly-lit and bright space.

For the exterior fence lighting, 8 HPS fixtures were replaced with 8 durable LED compact flood lights.

The approximate energy savings from this conversion amount to 18,492 kWh/year and approx. $1,850 in annual savings while also eliminating maintenance costs for the next 5-10 years due to the impressive life span of these LED fixtures.

The customer also obtained a $4,020 incentive from BC Hydro.

If you've been considering an LED retrofit, reach out to our team to discuss your options. We'll happily conduct a site visit free of charge with a customized proposal.

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