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October 19, 2021
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Lighting Case Studies

Case Study: Coca-Cola Warehouse - Winnipeg

How one lighting retrofit in 2018 turned into a 3-year project to update emergency lighting and the remaining pick rooms at Coca-Cola Winnipeg.

Case Study: Coca-Cola Warehouse - Winnipeg

A Brighter, Safer Space

Upgrading your warehouse lighting to LED provides myriad of benefits.

Not only does the space become brighter, but it immensely improves safety by helping to protect workers health and safety by reducing potential heavy equipment accidents, losses and damages to the property, and helps keep the warehouse at a cooler temperature.

For these reasons and more, our customers reach out to us to help them navigate the wonderful world of LED lighting that is best suited for warehouse spaces.

Coca-Cola's Warehouse Retrofit

In 2018, our Commercial lighting team in Winnipeg was hired to retrofit a large room that was previously a bottling area at the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant in Winnipeg. This particular room was to be reformed into a pick area.

Previously, there was a mix of T5 and T8 fixtures in the room. Coca-Cola wanted to replace these with a minimum target FC level of 40 FC with a motion sensor at 347V.

So our team got to work removing the old fixtures and replacing them with 110 Linear High Bay fixtures with motion sensors.

While our team was working on this project, the client inquired about updating their egress lighting, which inevitably led to our second project: installation of new emergency lighting.

Subsequently, 2.5 years after completing the first project, Coca-Cola requested additional information to upgrade the three remaining rooms at the plant to 40 FC.

Two of the rooms were pick areas and the third room was a combination of pick area and shipping room. The current fixtures in all these rooms were 4 lamp T-5 High Bays.

For the two pick rooms, we installed 162 LED High Bay and Compact High Bay Fixtures in a 1 for 1 set up. All fixtures came with motion sensors installed at the factory.

The third project wrapped up in Spring 2021.

Shipping Area - Coca Cola

For many large corporate clients like Coca-Cola, there are certain requirements that must be met by the Electricians who complete work on their buildings. Based on this criteria, we sourced the Electrician and to Coca-Cola's satisfaction, they became the preferred contractor for all 3 installations.

An Added Bonus: both the 2018 and 2021 retrofits qualified for incentives from Efficiency Manitoba (formerly Manitoba Hydro), of approximately 35-40% of the material cost.

We were able to look into and confirm the rebates on behalf of the client to ensure we stayed within their project budget.

Pick Area - Coca Cola Bottling Plant

We were thrilled to be able to complete these projects on behalf of Coca-Cola! As a result, we were engaged by this client to retrofit another one of their facilities in an adjacent province.

If you'd like to learn more about this project, or if you have a lighting project coming up in the near future, reach out to our team to learn more about how we can assist you.

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