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March 27, 2023
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Lighting Case Studies

Case Study: Encore Metals and Efficiency Manitoba

Encore Metals got a lighting upgrade and $14,000 from Efficiency Manitoba

Case Study: Encore Metals and Efficiency Manitoba


Upgrade existing HID fixtures to high efficiency (LED) models; decrease energy consumption and HID fixture replacement costs. Increase illumination; enhancing workplace safety and productivity. Facilitate incentives through Efficiency Manitoba.


The facility was outfitted with 400 watt metal halide that used 455 watts with a hood. We installed 300 watt LED Monopoint High Bays. We utilized existing fixture locations during this retrofit, saving time and money. The newly installed LED lighting boasts a consistent 5000k colour.

Key Benefits

- Encore Metals has received over $14,000 from Efficiency Manitoba in incentives.

- Decreased energy consumption by replacing existing 400 watt fixtures to 300 watt fixtures.

- The energy efficient fixtures we utilized drastically cut carbon emissions.

- Increased Illumination. When we started the lighting level averaged at 25 fc (Foot Candle) and upon completion it averaged at 110 fc.

Efficiency Manitoba

Efficiency Manitoba is a Crown corporation committed to achieving significant annual energy savings targets by offering cost-effective programs and services to Manitobans. Their programs and services are designed to save Manitobans money on their monthly bills by improving the efficiency of their homes and businesses.

Encore Metals

One of the largest metal distributors in Canada, Encore is committed to excellence for its customers and employees. Their commitment to having integrity and reliability in all circumstances does not fall short when it comes to the safety and functionality of their warehouses. We are excited about what we accomplished working with them and how it can impact similar businesses.

Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting takes a thoughtful approach that saves time and money for our clients. We know that commercial building owners are often under pressure to complete projects in a timely manner, and we’re committed to meeting those needs. We also understand that every business is unique and requires special attention, which is why we work closely with our clients throughout the design process.

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