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March 28, 2024
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Lighting Case Studies

Case Study: Grocery Store LED Retrofit

A collaborative LED lighting upgrade with our electrical contractor partner and a popular grocery store

Case Study: Grocery Store LED Retrofit


A popular grocery store was looking to upgrade their lighting to a more energy efficient alternative, so when they were ready to move ahead with the project, they enlisted in the services of an interior designer and an electrical contractor.

The contractor came to us and requested a cost-saving, full package solution for the main store lighting. After a few rounds of spec proposals, one solution was approved and we went ahead with the project.

The project consisted of replacing fluorescent and metal halide lighting throughout the store with new LED lighting.

Throughout the project however, a minor issue came up where the wrong voltage was wired up in the fixture. Fortunately, our team knew what to do and jumped into action to mitigate the issue quickly.  


Our team quickly reacted to the problem by providing temporary emergency lighting until the proper replacement lighting was ready. At the end of the project, the manufacturer comped the extra labour cost due to the lighting issue.

The types of new fixtures installed included LED troffers, panels, suspended decorative lighting, high bay lighting, specialty aisle lighting, and wireless lighting controls, all of which have significantly increased light levels and lighting quality throughout the store, while at the same time decreasing energy consumption and providing the company with better cost savings in the long term.

Aside from supplying new and improved lighting, our team has a real knack for strengthening relationships and problem solving quickly and efficiently throughout a project’s life cycle. If things come up, we’ll work with you to find an appropriate short-term (or long-term) solution. Because let’s face it, very few projects run smoothly, but if our team can effectively work together with the contractor and manufacturer to problem solve, it'll make your life easier and your project a success.

If you have a project coming up, let's chat to see if we're the right fit for you! Reach out to our team to set-up a no obligation site visit.

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