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June 11, 2024
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Lighting Case Studies

Case Study: The Earn Building LED Retrofit

One of Winnipeg's most beautiful historic buildings gets an interior LED Upgrade.

Case Study: The Earn Building LED Retrofit


The Earn building in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is one of the city's oldest surviving warehouses built pre-1900's.

While its traditional exterior design still stands strong in the Exchange District, it's rich history symbolizes Winnipeg's rise as a major wholesale distribution center in Western Canada and represents the outward growth of the city's warehouse district.

When the opportunity came up for our team to support the owners with an interior LED retrofit, we jumped at the opportunity.


Some of the common areas and offices on the third and fourth floor of the building were using traditional Halogen, Metal Halide and Fluorescent fixtures that were running up the owners energy bills more than they liked.

So they started to explore LED lighting and reached out to our team for a lighting proposal.

The tricky part with this property though was the exposed material and rafters along the ceilings in every room, so we had to ensure we found the right fixtures that would not only provide proper illumination, but that could be properly hung from the ceiling without issue.


Our team worked with a local Electrical Contractor to upgrade some of the common areas, bathrooms, and offices on the third and fourth floor of the building.

Our lighting proposal included some black Architectural LED Strip from CSC LED, which were placed as a hanging linear fixture in hallways and throughout open office spaces.

We also replaced the existing Fluorescent pendants with new, more energy efficient 4 lamp Dainolite pendants in a simple one-to-one replacement, in addition to strategically placed track lighting, 2x4 and 1x4 Turolight backlit panels throughout the office spaces and common areas, and NDR Flush Mount fixtures for their office gym.

Energy Analysis

The existing energy consumption was roughly 44,088 kWh/year. The proposed energy consumption with then new lighting is estimated to be approx. 11,903 kWh/year, amounting to energy savings of about 32,185 kWh/year.

In addition to the energy savings, the cost savings amount to approx. $3,220 per year.

They also received a financial incentive of approximately $2,600 from Efficiency Manitoba, covering up to a third of their total initial investment.

We're proud to have helped our client achieve such significant energy and cost savings, while illuminating their space in a stylish and efficient way.

If you're curious how an LED retrofit would benefit your property, reach out to our team to start a conversation!

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