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November 18, 2021
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EV Charging Case Studies

EV Case Study: Altamonte

Swtch EV Charger Installation at Altamonte, a large condo building in Coquitlam

EV Case Study: Altamonte


Altamonte located at 2979 Glen Drive in Coquitlam, comprises a 30-storey stratified condo building with approximately 165 units.

The Council started noticing more owners driving Electric Vehicles over the last few years and as a result, they began exploring the idea of installing EV Charging Stations for residents.

After thorough market research on EV Charging and the rebates available at the time, the strata council decided to proceed with installing two shared charging stations and selected Commercial Lighting as their partner for this installation.


After consulting with the Strata Council, we recommended Two Swtch Single Port Community charging stations were installed.

Overall installation cost for the two chargers was approximately $12,000; however due to the CleanBC Rebate program, The Altamonte Strata received a 50% rebate (approx. $6,000) which brought the overall installation cost down significantly.

Additionally to help manage charger use and timing, The Swtch Community Chargers allows residents to reserve chargers ahead of time or on the spot based on real-time availability, while also enforcing a loitering penalty to prevent residents from staying parked long after their charge is complete.

The rebate was a big selling feature for this strata. If you’re curious about how the CleanBC rebate program works, reach out to our team.

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