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November 18, 2021
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EV Charging Case Studies

EV Case Study: Buchanan Towers

Chargepoint EV Charging Station installation at Buchanan Towers; a large Strata in North Burnaby.

EV Case Study: Buchanan Towers


The Buchanan Towers (East & West) located at 4388 - 4398 Buchanan Street in Burnaby is a Stratified Complex with 2 high-rise towers with approximately 262 condos and 8 townhouses.

Over the last year the topic of EV Charging became a prevalent conversation during the strata council meetings.

As more and more residents expressed an interest in getting a charging station installed, the Council began looking into some options.

After thorough market research on EV Charging and the rebates available at the time, the strata council decided to proceed with installing one dual port shared charging station and selected Commercial Lighting as their partner for this installation.


After consulting with the Strata Council & confirming the project budget, we recommended One Dual-Port Chargepoint CT4023 Wall Mount charging Station to be installed in the shared parkade.

Overall installation cost for the charger was approximately $17,000;

However due to the CleanBC Rebate program, The Buchanan Strata received a rebate of approximately $8,000 which brought the overall installation cost down significantly.

The rebate was a big selling feature for this strata in order to stay within a specific budget.

Prior to starting the project, we were able to crunch the numbers and determine the rebate beforehand.

Curious how 270 residents are managing with the Dual Port Charger? Reach out to learn more.

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