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November 18, 2021
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EV Charging Case Studies

EV Case Study: Lakeside Terrace

Electrical Upgrade and ChargePoint EV Charger installation at Lakeside Terrace, the 2nd largest Strata complex in BC.

EV Case Study: Lakeside Terrace


Lakeside Terrace is a large multiple address strata complex with 540 condo units, located in a prime Coquitlam neighbourhood. It is the 2nd largest strata complex in the province with many long-term owners.

Within the last few years the Strata Council began to notice an increase in the number of owners in the complex who were driving electric vehicles, many of whom expressed a need for EV Chargers in the building.

After careful consideration, the council determined it was time to install EV Charging stations in the underground parkade and selected Commercial Lighting as their project partner.


At the time there was not enough power within the existing panels, so we had to do an electrical upgrade which included installing a new transformer as well as an EV dedicated panel.

Once the electrical upgrade was complete, we installed two ChargePoint dual port CT-4000 Shared Chargers and 8 energized outlets for future station installation.

The CT-4000 is the first ENERGY STAR® certified EV charger, making it an ideal choice for strata buildings as it uses significantly less energy than a standard EV Charger when it’s in standby mode, providing greater long-term savings on utilities.

The strata also received a $16,000 rebate from BC Hydro, thanks to the CleanBC Rebate program.

Curious about how 540 owners are managing with 2 dual-port Charging stations? Reach out to us for more information.

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