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October 4, 2022
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EV Charging

EV Case Study: Quadreal Implements ChargePoint as a Service (CPaaS)

Quadreal implements ChargePoint as a Service (CPaaS) at the new Post Building in Downtown Vancouver.

EV Case Study: Quadreal Implements ChargePoint as a Service (CPaaS)


The conversation started back in 2021, when our team had a meeting with the management team at Quadreal to discuss setting up EV Charging stations at The Post Vancouver, a massive revitalization of the former Canada Post building in Downtown Vancouver, which will include 1.1 million square feet of office space and over 185,000 sq. ft of retail.

The building will be home to approximately 7,000 employees, with Amazon being the primary tenant.

With that many employees comes a large parking lot, which is where discussions around EV Charging came into play.

Once we understood the scope of the situation, we connected with ChargePoint to discuss the best course of action.


After consulting with Quadreal to understand exactly how many EV Charging stations they wanted to include, we reached out to ChargePoint to narrow down a solution.

Based on the size and scope of this building, the best option was to take advantage of “ChargePoint as a Service” (CPaas), which is a subscription-based financing model where ChargePoint owns the EV Charging stations and leases them to Quadreal.

The subscription includes various services such as site prep, installation, and proactive monitoring, which will allow Quadreal to have budget flexibility by allowing them to defer the large capital hit from purchasing the stations outright.

The program also offers a more hands-off worry-free approach knowing that the stations are being taken care of.

Roughly one third of The Post’s 900 parking stalls will be EV-ready, which will happen in phases between 2022-2023

ChargePoint as a Service is a fantastic option for new developments or for buildings that are looking to electrify a large portion of the parking lot without having to invest outright in the infrastructure.

It allows property owners to act as a host for the chargers as opposed to the owners, giving them greater flexibility.

For this particular project, our team took on a consulting role which allowed for smoother communication between Quadreal and ChargePoint. If you have any questions about this program or EV Charging in general, reach out to our team today to start the conversation!

Are you ready for the future of driving?

Learn more about EV Charging and the CPaaS program.

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