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September 21, 2022
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Lighting Case Studies

Pacifica Tower Underground Parkade

Commercial Lighting worked with the Property Management team at Pacifica Tower to create a brighter, safer & more energy efficient underground parkade.

Pacifica Tower Underground Parkade


The Property Management team at Pacifica Tower (503 W 16th Avenue) determined the need for a lighting upgrade in their underground parking lot in order to improve light output & brightness, reduce maintenance, and generate energy cost-savings through a sustainable solution enabled by LED lighting.

Commercial Lighting was ultimately selected to improve the large underground parkade with a newly designed lighting solution.


Our team replaced 390 70W high-pressure sodium canopy fixtures with 40W LED canopy lights, providing a more evenly-lit and brighter space.

The approximate energy savings from this conversion amount to 198,150 kWh/year and $23,778 in annual savings, while also eliminating maintenance costs for the next 5-10 years.

We were also able to work with BC Hydro to obtain a $44,000 rebate for our customer.

Exactly how much does 198,150 kWH/year in energy savings amount to? Check out the infographic below for greenhouse gas equivalencies!

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