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BRK SC9120BA Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

Product Description

The BRK SC9120BA is a combination smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector that connects to 120V electrical power. It can be interconnected with up to 12 smoke alarms, and up to 6 smoke/co combination alarms so all units will go in to alarm if any single unit is triggered. It also features a 9V battery backup so it continues to function if your building power fails temporarily.


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Features & Benefits

• The unit shall be capable of self restoring.

• A screened sensing chamber to prevent entry of small insects therebyreducing the probability of unwanted nuisance alarms.

• Powered by 120V AC, 60Hz and have a monitored 9V battery backup(model 9120BA only).

• A visual LED (green) power-on indicator to confirm unit is receiving power.A visual LED (red) power-on indicator to confirm unit is working properly.

• A test button to check all alarm functions by stimulating the chamber tosimulate a smoke condition, causing the unit to alarm.

• A solid state piezo horn rated at 85dB minimum at 3 meters.

• The unit shall be capable of operating between 4 degrees C(40 degrees F) and 38 degrees C (100 degrees F) and relative humiditybetween 10% and 90%

• The unit shall center mount to any standard electrical junction boxup to 4 inches diagonally without screw removal and shall be listed forwall or ceiling mounting.

• The unit shall have an optional locking mechanism to deter batteryremoval (model 9120BA only) and/or theft of the unit.

• The unit shall have a gasketless base for easy installation and becapable of keeping alarm secure over a wide rotation range toallow for true alarm alignment.

• The unit shall have a plug in connector and be capable ofinterconnection of up to 18 alarms, 12 of which can be smoke alarms.

• The unit shall at a minimum meet the requirements of ULC S-531-02.



5.58” dia. x 1.97” H


7.8 oz.

Operating Voltage

120V AC 60Hz w/9V battery backup

Temp Range

.04 amps (standby/alarm)

Audio Alarm

85dB at 10 feet

Test Button

Electronically simulates the smoke condition, causing the unit to alarm.

Alarm Reset

Automatic when smoke clears


ULC S-531-02