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April 24, 2024
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Lighting Guide: Grocery Stores

From enhancing the vibrant hues of fresh meat and produce, to guiding customers through well-lit aisles, LED lighting has become an integral part of modern grocery store design.

Lighting Guide: Grocery Stores

From enhancing the vibrant hues of fresh meat and produce, to guiding customers through well-lit aisles, LED lighting has become an integral part of modern grocery store design. With so many different types of LED fixtures and specs, it can be overwhelming to determine the best options for your grocery store.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing the lighting for your grocery store:

Colour Rendering (CRI): you’ll want to choose lighting solutions with high CRI ratings to best showcase the colours of produce, meat, and other food items.

Colour Temperature: Different food displays will require fixtures with different colour temperatures.

  • Meat displays: A light warm white with red glow is ideal for meat displays, making it look more appetizing. Fixtures with a CCT of 2700K are the way to go.
  • Seafood Displays: For fish and seafood (especially those displayed on Ice), a cool white light with a CCT of 5000K or higher makes the display more attractive. For Salmon and Shrimp, a warm white like with a CCT around 2700K is more acceptable.
  • Produce (fruits & vegetables): Produce is much more appealing under natural light with slightly warmer shades. We’d recommend a CCT of 3000K or 3500K.
  • Dry Goods: For general grocery items, we’d recommend neutral lighting that is easy on the eyes and helps customers quickly identify what they’re looking for: 3000K-3500K.
  • Bakery: The warm colours of bread can be better enhanced under a warmer glow, so a CCT around 2700K or 3000K

Uniformity and Distribution: Properly distributed lighting ensures that all areas, including aisles, shelves, check out counters are well-lit, with shadows and glare being minimized. An experienced lighting consultant or Electrical Contractor will be able to assist with proper placement.

Lighting Controls: consider selecting fixtures that can be programmed for dimming, daylighting, and multi-zone control.

Tailor Solutions by Section: Tailor the lighting to suit specific needs of different areas within the stores. How you light up the produce aisle vs the deli or wine/liquor sections will differ and require unique solutions to enhance the customers experience in each section.

By carefully considering these factors during the selection process, lighting designers can choose the right lighting solutions that enhance the overall shopping experience, promote energy efficiency, and meet the specific needs of grocery store environments.
Before and After of our recent customers Grocery Store retrofit - read the full case study here.

Once you’ve established your requirements, the next step is selecting the right fixtures. Below are our recommended fixture categories based on store area:

If you'd like to view the entire catalogue of grocery store lighting, click here.

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Fixtures for Entrance Ways

  • Recessed troffers and downlights - View Products
  • For more upscale grocery stores, you may also want to consider pendant lighting - which we can custom order for you.

Aisle Lighting

Produce Department

Lighting Controls - View Products

Fixtures for Checkout Stands

Emergency Lighting - View Products

Lighting is a critical component of the grocery store experience. By prioritizing factors such as color rendering, uniformity, and energy efficiency, you can create inviting spaces throughout your store that enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

LED solutions can illuminate every corner of the store, from fresh produce displays to checkout counters, thus enhancing the overall shopping experience in a sustainable and customer-centric manner.

If you have a grocery store that you're looking to retrofit and upgrade with new lighting solutions, our team can help. We're happy to schedule a no-obligation site visit; reach out to our team to start the process.

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